MainTor Panorama – work-life-balance at its best

The MainTor Panorama highrise designed by Professor Christoph Mäckler and located directly on the river Main serves as a modern-day gatehouse. A light stone façade gives the building its timeless elegance and guarantees a high level of energy efficiency. In addition, MainTor Panorama is brimming with carefully planned and well thought out details: inviting two-storey lobby, 5 corner offices per floor and spectacular views on the banks of the river Main.

The open space in front of the main entrance offers a compact but inviting area for workers, visitors and passers-by to pause and enjoy the atmosphere. The welcoming lobby provides access to the tower and the base building.

The base of the building houses high-quality lettable units ranging from 800 m² to 1,100 m². Its seven floors are designed to optimally utilise available floor space and deliver all the benefits you would expect from a first-class building in a prime position. Floors seven to 16 of the tower each boast 600 m² of the finest office space. Efficiency and flexibility have been at the forefront of the designers’ minds during planning. Whether it’s quiet individual rooms for maximum privacy, team-oriented open-plan spaces with lounge areas and relaxation zones, or a combination of everything, MainTor Panorama lets you exploit the available space to its full potential.