The Maintor Quarter

The MainTor Quarter is the perfect finish to Frankfurt's financial district, in the city's finest location: on the banks of the river Main. Leading architects Jürgen Engel, Professor Christoph Mäckler and Jo Franzke have designed striking, original buildings that will redefine Frankfurt’s impressive skyline.

An area that was closed to the public for several decades opens its doors again, adding value to the city. Traditional routes forming a triangle between the historic town centre, the banks of the Main and the financial district have been given a new lease of life.

The result is an open, communicative quarter that stretches right into the financial district, offering views of the historic town centre and the river banks. It unites urban living and working on the waterfront – and is the perfect setting for an ideal work-life balance.

MainTor Quarter is made up of 108,000 m² (GFA) of space for offices, apartments and eateries. The impressive buildings, designed in line with the latest green standards, will offer room for around 3,000 work stations and 180 exclusive apartments.