Main Palais

Main Palais is located in the MainTor Quarter, at number 4, Untermainkai. This town house built in 1823 by city architect Friedrich Hess is one of the few buildings to survive from the neoclassical era. It symbolises and embodies three dimensions: the urban culture of European history, the unique character of Frankfurt life, and the long tradition of Degussa. The house was used by the company to receive guests and on special occasions. Nobel prize winners, politicians and two German presidents have been welcomed here.

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The villa’s new owner DIC has given it a new lease of life. And these hallowed rooms once again play host to exclusive events – and act as a meeting place for business and culture. An exciting new development in the heart of Frankfurt’s cultural scene. In collaboration with interior designers PurPur, it is has proved possible to blend historical features with state-of-the-art architecture. The Brazilian artist Regina Silveira is showcasing an exiting art projekt, named "Wild House Project", at Main Palais.